5th Gen Build: Gunners 2019 White T4R Build Builds

5th Gen Build: Gunners 2019 White T4R Build

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Hello everyone,
I have finally made my way into a 4Runner. I first started my journey with a 2016 Toyota Tacoma. The truck was fun but lacked some essentials such as a tricky transmission as well as a small back seat. Here’s a pic of the first truck.

After this truck, I knew I wanted something with a bigger back seat. I wanted to have a truck and needed the bed at the time so I went with a tundra. The tundra was a great truck and was fun to drive. The engine had all the power. But the MPG hurt. 12 mpg and daily driving don’t go together. Here’s a pic of that truck.

After some long thought, I finally came around to the fact that I didn’t need a bed and in fact, an SUV would fit my needs. I’ve always loved the look of a 4Runner so I made the leap. I finally went full circle of all the Toyota trucks.

I love this vehicle. My favorite vehicle I’ve ever had. Mods to come!

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  1. I had a 2014 Platinum Tundra (same color as yours) and really liked it on road trips. City driving no so much and the mpg with CA gas prices don’t mix well. Would still love to have one as a 2nd vehicle …maybe someday, but not really practical.

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