4th Gen Build: Stoney Eyed Bandit Builds

4th Gen Build: Stoney Eyed Bandit

Owner: Daniel

Lift Measurements:

  • Front: 36”
  • Rear: 36”


  • Oil Change: 110,000
  • Oil Change: 115,505 Synthetic 5w30
  • Oil Change: 120,653 Synthetic 5w30, Transmission fluid, Air Filter OEM, Serpentine Belt.

This is my 2004 V6 4WD 4Runner. Bought her in January of 2019. Making this build thread as a way to keep track of everything I do to her. Really wish I had made one for my Tacoma just to keep track. So here she is.

The first pic I took of her after replacing the old bald tires with Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 265 70R17 113T Tires. Not long after the tires were put on I did the TPMS bypass mod so happy that light is gone. Next up. I removed the running boards. They looked ok but made the old girl look like a low rider. I also don’t think they served much of a purpose so off they came.


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