1st Gen Build: 84 4.3 Propane on turdy 7 creepys Builds

1st Gen Build: 84 4.3 Propane on turdy 7 creepys

Owner: Jack

I got this guy back in 2014 in Tuscon and really needed some work.

When I got it it has some 35s on it so I sold those and bought some 37″ creepy for it and the had leftover kings in my garage and put them on the front and redid my shock towers.

Its got a chevy 4.3 in it with a quadrajet 400 right meow and a 700r4 tranny. The carb is horrible for crawling so I’m tearing everything out and doing propane set up on it. its been almost 3 years now and I’ve only taken it out maybe a handful of times and just has constant problems but the solution is to just do propane.

Anyway here’s what’s done to the poor thing below and some pics:

  • 84 solid axle
  • Gonna get painted a metallic grey here in a couple of weeks.
  • RUF’s
  • King 2.5×12 smoothies
  • Chevy 63s in the rear with ranchos (getting Kings for the rear)
  • One-off bumpers and sliders.
  • 37″ creepy crawlers
  • 15″ steelies
  • Pretty basic
  • Locked front and rear

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