1st Gen Build: 1988 SR5 Restomod Builds

1st Gen Build: 1988 SR5 Restomod

Owner: Cody

Hey guys this is my 5th Toyota build, and I figured I’d document it here. I had an 84 shortbed that my dad and I built when I was 13. For my highschool vehicle, I daily drove a restored 1982 shortbed for about 4 years that my dad and I rebuilt when I was about 14. I did my first SAS on an 88 XtraCab after that. I then restored a 79 long bed with 80k original miles that I swapped to a short bed frame and swapped out the 20R with a fresh 22R.

I’ve always wanted a first 4Runner, but they’re so incredibly hard to come by without rust down here in Louisiana. My uncle had a completely rotten 85 sitting up in his back yard for years and he finally gave it to me and that was enough to get me going.

I ended up looking for a couple of years for a good deal on a straight bodied Runner. I found one not even 30 minutes away from me that’s been hiding for years. It is an 88 SR5 loaded with everything. It was a late 88 so it has the nicer more padded door panels and the more comfortable seats.

I’ll be using my 85 frame, transmission, transfer, and axles for the drivetrain. I’ll add my 88 body on top once I get my frame done.

I’m not big on off-roading a Toyota (I’ve got a Can-Am for that), so this won’t be a very “built” 4Runner.
I am actually going to restore this into the late 80s / early 90s show truck.

My list of mods include:

  • 10 to 12 inches of suspension lift
  • Dual chrome monotube shocks all around.
  • 2-4 chrome steering stabilizers on a crossover (not high steer) steering set up.
  • Smoothed (weld slag and no rust pitting) frame with a high gloss paint job.
  • Powdercoated steering linkages & other items.
  • Custom interior.
  • White body and top with factory vinyl decals
  • Stock block 22RE with a small cam, ported and polished head, and higher flowing exhaust system.

I’m sure I forgot a lot, but y’all probably get the idea.

Here are a few pictures of some of my older builds:

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