About Toyota 4Runner 5gen N280 (2009–present)


At the annual fair in Texas in September 2009, the U.S. Toyota unit presented to the public a frame SUV 4Runner fifth-generation (index N280). In 2013, the model underwent a planned restyling, and the updated car officially debuted at the music festival “Stagecoach” in California – it was corrected the exterior and interior but did not touch the technical component. 
The appearance of the “fifth” Toyota 4Runner is made in an assertive and rough style, which gives the car a brutal look. Invalid expression of “face”, impressive silhouette with square arches of wheels and monumental stern is a real men’s SUV, no matter how you spin it. At the same time, not without “Japanese” and modern attributes – the head optics of the spotlight type, LED lights, and cast wheels with dimensions from 17 to 20 inches. 
The external dimensions of the fifth-generation Toyota 4Runner fit perfectly into the medium-dimensional class concept: 4831 mm in length, 1925 mm in width and 1781 mm in height. The wheelbase at the machine is 2789 mm, and its clearance to the roadway (clearance) is set at 229 mm. 
The interior of the Japanese off-road vehicle corresponds to the appearance – angular, but very attractive in appearance. Behind the multi-function steering wheel with a four-spoke design is a modern combination of instruments with analog dials and a color display. The huge central console is crowned by a color monitor of the multimedia center, and below it, there is a panel of the climate systems (air conditioning or dual-zone “climate”). 
The salon of “the fifth” Toyota 4Runner is hidden mainly from good-quality plastics which in “top” complete sets are diluted with high-quality leather and inserts imitating a tree. 
The front seats are comfortable and wide but have well-developed support on the sides and a large range of settings. 
The second-row sofa is divided into a 40/20/40 ratio, has an adjustable angle-adjustable backrest, and provides ample space for three passengers. An optional “gallery” is available as an option but is only suitable for children. 
In the five-seater version, the 4Runner’s luggage compartment can hold as much as 1,311 liters of useful luggage, but with a pair of extra seats, the space available is reduced to 255 liters, and when folded flush with the rear sofa floor, it is increased to 2514 liters. 
Undercover space of the 4Runner 5-th generation SUV “occupied” by a non-alternative petrol “atmospheric” – a six-cylinder 4.0-liter engine with a V-shaped structure and direct fuel injection into the combustion chamber. 
The maximum capacity of the unit is 273 horsepower at 5600 rpm and 377 Nm of torque achieved at 4400 pm. A 5-stage “automat” and one of the three drive variants – rear, rigidly activated full and constant full with locking of the rear and center differentials are working together with the engine. 
The all-wheel-drive version of the Toyota 4Runner can accelerate from 0 to 96 km/h in just 7.5 seconds, consuming on average 13.1 liters of fuel in the combined cycle (rear-wheel-drive vehicles are 0.7 liters more economical). The off-road chassis has an independent design “in a circle”: a two-lever arrangement at the front and a multi-lever arrangement at the rear. 
The steering system is equipped with hydraulic power steering, and the braking is performed by ventilated discs with 335 mm calipers on the front and 310 mm calipers on the rear wheels. 

Voranera’s arsenal includes not only ABS, but also a mass of off-road electronics – Multi-Terrain Select system, which changes the algorithm of the power units, cruise control, allowing you to drive at speeds up to 5 km / h, and KDSS technology, “unraveling” stabilizers. 
Kits and prices. The “fifth” Toyota 4Runner is officially sold only in the U.S. market, where it is available in three levels of equipment – SR5, Trail X, and Limited. The basic variant of the off-road vehicle in 2015 is minimally estimated at 33 210 American dollars, and eight airbags (in particular, knees for front seats), a rearview camera, stabilization system, multimedia center with audio system, air conditioner, 17 inch molded disks and other equipment are put there.


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